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As a registered towing company licensed to operate in the Melbourne area, we may be called upon by the governing municipality to remove illegally parked vehicles in a Clearway zone during restricted time periods. As a courtesy to our community and our customers, we want to make sure that you are aware of the chances that you take when you park your vehicle in any of these restricted parking zones.

If you risked overstaying the parking time allowance in a Clearway zone and your vehicle or motorcycle was not there when you returned, the chances are good that it was towed to a Melbourne council storage yard. The restricted times for parking in these zones are posted on the Clearway traffic signs.

Retrieving Your Vehicle

​To retrieve your vehicle or motorbike, you will need to either call the number posted on the Clearway sign or the city of Melbourne’s transportation department responsible for traffic violations. You will need to appear in person and pay a $344 vehicle release fee plus any applicable storage fees if you wait more than 5 days to claim your vehicle.
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