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Car Towing

Do you need your vehicle towed as a result of an accident or break down? Our experienced team can help!

Trade Towing

Need a trade towing service? Fast Melbourne Towing are renowned experts with decades of experience.

Specialised Tow

We can transport all types of vehicles including bobcats, caravans, trucks, vans and more!

Tow Recovery

Call us now and we'll send a tow truck fast to resolve your emergency towing needs in the metro region.

Emergency 24/7

With our 24 hour towing services, you will not be left waiting for an extended period of time.

Abandoned Car

We can meet or exceed your standard and heavy duty towing expectations 24/7, 365 days a year.

Long Distance

We can tow your vehicle to or from most regional cities and towns within 200km of the Melbourne CBD.

Plant Equipment Transport

Fast Melbourne Towing is the trusted name in plant equipment transport and towing.

Excavator & Machinery Towing

We has acquired vast experience in towing, transporting, and recovering different types of equipment


Our motorcycle towing services are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We can tow all types of motorcycles.

Bobcat Towing

Bobcat machines are powerful and versatile. They are mainly used for digging dirt, but they also have many uses, especially for construction sites.

Our Melbourne Towing Services

We Tow Almost Anything!

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Transport your carWhen you need a towing company, Fast Melbourne Towing is just a phone call away. Our highly qualified tow truck drivers, in tandem with our fleet of modern tow trucks and high-tech equipment, are ready to respond, day or night, to emergency situations and for scheduled transportation. We provide the most dependable and precise service anywhere in the Melbourne region as well as across the country.

There is never an inconvenient time to call because we are always available. Our towing service is structured to fit into your timetable, whenever and wherever you need us. At Fast Melbourne Towing, we provide the best towing services in all of Victoria. Our team have decades of experience and have worked in all parts of Australia, plus internationally at towing service companies in the USA.

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Controlled Accident Towing Service

There is a controlled accident towing system in effect for Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, and the Geelong areas. This means that only authorized, accredited tow companies with numbered plates that include TOW or HTT are allowed to transport a vehicle that has been involved in an accident in a controlled area. Additionally, authorised accident scene tow trucks are notified on a rotational basis for required services.
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We Are Ready to Respond

We offer a range of services including:

  1. Car Towing - Fast Melbourne Towing is fully prepared to answer your accident towing needs in the surrounding Melbourne suburbs and rural districts that are outside of the metropolitan area. We transport vehicles in full compliance with Victoria’s road safety laws and regulations.
  2. Emergency 24/7 Towing - Emergency towing is available for any situation where your vehicle stops operating properly, veers off the road, or fails to start. Fast Melbourne Towing can recover and tow a vehicle from outdoor areas, from street side parking, from underground parking locations and more.
  3. Long Distance - Long distance towing is available for those occasions when you need to transport a vehicle, a motorcycle, or a boat to a new location and you are not able to drive or move it yourself. Fast Melbourne Towing can assist you with your transport needs across the city, the state, or the country. We come to the old address, safely secure your vehicle on a tow truck, and deliver it to the new address, according to your time schedule, in perfect condition.
  4. Commercial Trade - Commercial trade towing is offered for large equipment, machinery, and containers that need movement between work sites or that need to be transported to new locations. This type of towing is especially beneficial when the items towed need to be picked up and delivered at the new location overnight.
  5. Clearway Towing - Clearway towing may involve your vehicle or motorcycle if you have overstayed the time allowance in a clearway zone. We do not voluntarily tow from a clearway zone, but we may be called to do so by the governing Melbourne municipality. If this ever happens to you, your vehicle has been towed to a Melbourne council storage yard and you will need to appear in person and pay a release fee in order to get it back.
  6. Abandoned Vehicle Towing -  Abandon vehicle towing occurs if someone leaves a vehicle in your neighborhood or on your property without permission. It is also called abandon towing if you have a road mishap and are not able to remove your vehicle off of a public road to a safe location. Fast Melbourne Towing is also available to help you remove any old, inoperable vehicles that have been resting on your property from your backyard, garage, or driveway to a local salvage yard.
  7. Specialised - Specialised towing is sometimes a necessity when you need a closed container to transport expensive or antique vehicles, or you need to transport oversized or odd shaped items that are not allowed on the highways. This can be anything from a boat’s propeller or large farm equipment to a privately owned riding lawn mower. Multi-car carriers also qualify for special towing. Fast Melbourne Towing has the equipment and the expertise to safely and securely meet your needs.

For an immediate tow or to arrange for a scheduled service, call and speak with one of our professional and customer friendly staff members​.

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