How to Be Prepared for a Tow Truck Driver Arriving

Whether you have car trouble or have gotten into an accident, our tow truck drivers are waiting for your call. Our reliable drivers are here for you, which is why we want to share their top tips on how you can help them help you.

Tow truck drivers deal with a lot of trouble every day on the job. Don’t be one of the difficult, uncooperative customers that just makes the day more frustrating. Make the entire process of calling a tow truck easier and stress-free by following these steps.

Here are the top ten things you should remember when you are calling one of our drivers out to help you:


1. Pull Over

Make sure you pull your vehicle over to a secure location as soon as possible. Try to get to the side of the road and immediately turn on hazard lights to alert other motorists. If you can make it to a safer location off a major road, such as a parking lot, do so safely. Avoid creating poor traffic flow or causing an accident.

Your tow truck driver needs to be able to reach you without endangering themselves. Working against traffic flow or in a busy spot can make it take longer for someone to reach you. Imagine how you would feel simply trying to exit a vehicle in the middle of traffic. Then think about the safety and well-being of a tow truck driver working to get your vehicle onto their truck as quickly as possible.


2. Communicate Your Location

One of the big problems tow truck drivers have on the job is locating their clients. Be as clear as possible about your location so that your driver doesn’t have to call you back. The driver or dispatcher will ask about your location, vehicle information, and any details about your car troubles.

When it comes to location, try to provide as many identifying details as possible.

  • A street name or intersection is ideal,
  • Recognizable landmarks can also serve the same purpose.
  • Many mobile apps that use maps and GPS systems can also send precise location details to another person or company. Imagine how easy it will be for a tow truck driver to find you when they have your exact coordinates!
  • Describe your vehicle in clear terms, including model, name, number, and colour to provide a good identifier for the driver.

Even if you cannot provide a specific address for your location, a tow truck driver will know what type of vehicle to look out for on the road.

It’s helpful to have some sort of self-defense plan in place when you’re waiting for a tow truck, particularly if you are waiting alone or after dark.


3. Provide Precise Details

A tow truck company dispatcher will ask you for a lot of important information. Precise communication is necessary for the best service. For example, your dispatcher needs to know the basic details about your vehicle’s status. If you were in an accident, the tow truck driver might need special equipment to safely load the vehicle. If your location is unusual or dangerous, a tow truck driver also needs to be prepared ahead of time.

Accurate information allows your driver to assess their job carefully before arriving. For example, vehicles over a certain weight may exceed the towing capacity of some tow trucks. If you neglect to share your vehicle’s proper weight, you might run into delays and extra costs while your driver calls for more help.


4. Be Responsive

Have your mobile at your fingertips in case your tow truck driver needs to call. Tow truck drivers appreciate responsive customers because they make their job easier. Your driver might be calling about your location, in which case the sooner you answer the sooner you get help. Or they might be calling to share details about a road delay. Answer your calls quickly for the fastest service.

Since towing services have different procedures and rates, you should find out important details before contracting them.


5. Get Off Of Your Car

The safest way for our tow truck drivers to complete their job is if you get off your car before they arrive. Stay near your vehicle but remove yourself and any valuable belongings so the tow truck can start hooking up as soon as they arrive. We ask you to not be in your vehicle so that you can stay safe, and our drivers have room to work without worrying about you.


6. Secure Personal Belongings

Make sure to remove all valuable items or secure personal belongings properly before the tow truck arrives. Don’t wait until the driver is there to grab your things. Be prepared with doors and windows closed. These steps help minimise theft or damage during the towing process.

Plus, the sooner the tow truck driver has access to your vehicle, the quicker they can begin hooking up their equipment. Try to free the front and/or back of the vehicle from any obstacles or debris to make this process smoother, too. Don’t just empty your vehicle of all your belongings and place them near the vehicle itself. Give your driver room to work.


7. Be Cooperative

Every towing job is different, depending on many factors. Be patient and cooperative with your tow truck driver. It is important to understand that towing a vehicle can take a lot of time if the driver is delayed by an unforeseen issue. Follow their instructions to make the process safe and simple for everyone involved.

Clearly express any questions or concerns, but do not get in the way of their work unless you want them to get distracted. Take the initiative to ask about your vehicle and the process, but do not get angry or upset if it is not going as you expected.

Contact your insurance company. They’ll inform you if your insurance only covers a specific or registered tow company.


8. Don’t Touch Anything

Let your tow truck driver do their job without interference. Once they have arrived on the scene, you should be ready to step back and let them take the lead. All your belongings should already be removed from the vehicle. There should be no reason why you need to access your vehicle after the tow truck is there.

You should also step back and allow the tow truck driver room to work. Tilt trays, in particular, and complex and dangerous machines. Do not attempt to touch the tow truck or any of its equipment. The driver knows what to do and does not need to worry about anybody hurting themselves. Towing equipment is heavy, expensive, and potentially dangerous when used improperly. The less you get involved, the quicker the towing process will conclude safely.


9. Understand the Total Cost

Be proactive when calling a towing service. Ask the dispatcher for an estimate so that you are not blindsided by the cost. Overall costs for towing can vary depending on your insurance, the location of your vehicle, and the distance to where it gets towed. The best way to avoid unwanted costs is to investigate your insurance policy before you need to use it. Check to see if towing services are covered and what type of receipts or verification you need for reimbursement.


10. Obey Traffic Laws

Even when you are not the one receiving help from our drivers, we ask you always to respect the rules of the road. This means watching out for tow trucks on the road so that they can do their job. Never park in front of or close to a vehicle awaiting assistance. It is not only against the law, but it can also prevent us from helping that stranded motorist.

Tow truck drivers are required to follow all traffic laws. They are unable to complete a job if you disobey a traffic law or make it so they would need to break a law to help a customer. By following the rules, you are making it safer for everyone on the road.

Whether you have been in an accident, broken down or just need to move your car from one place to another, a professional towing service is your best bet.


Give Fast Melbourne Towing A Call When You Break Down

All types of challenges await our tow truck drivers during their long shifts. Dealing with unsafe situations and uncooperative customers can make their job more difficult. And you also cannot receive the quality service we try to provide all our clients.

Be a responsible Melbourne motorist and remember these key points the next time you call Fast Melbourne Towing. Your tow truck driver will appreciate it and you will receive the best service around.