7 Traits of a Good Tow Truck Driver

A good tow truck driver reassuring an anxious personBeing a tow truck driver is not always an easy job and can get quite hectic at times. Most jobs require you to be on call certain hours, which could mean having to rush out in the middle of the night half asleep to tow a car.

In addition, driving a tow truck can be dangerous too, especially when you see someone stuck on the side of the road late at night. Once you establish they are just normal people who are legitimately having car troubles, you have to worry about traffic speeding past you at say 65 mph hoping they keep their distance and not sway.

Another thing is, people can get very angry when you come to pick up the car they had been making payments on for several years, even though they have not made one payment for the past 6 months.

Therefore, being a good tow truck driver requires certain qualities and characteristics. Here are 7 traits of a good tow truck driver.


1. Bold but Cautious

One thing’s for sure, a good tow truck driver is brave but cautious about what he or she does. It is important for tow truck drivers to be aware of the dangers they might have to face on a daily basis and know how to handle them safely. This could mean having to make tough choices on the spur of the moment. 

2. Dependable and Reliable

Being on call is a commitment that good tow truck drivers stay true to, all of the time and not just when they feel like it. It is not easy to stop what you are doing to go tow a car, especially if it is late at night and you are sound asleep. However, a good tow truck driver always gets there as soon as possible. 

A blurry image of a tow truck and a broken down vehicle

3. Are Friendly and Professional

Good tow truck drivers have bad days just like everyone else, but when they are dealing with a customer they always remain curtious, friendly and proffesional.

4. Have Patience and Keep Their Cool

Every good tow truck driver knows how to handle people who are perturbed and frustrated since they have to deal with people like this frequently. There are times when some individuals will even get physical with tow truck drivers, but a good driver will endure it and wait patiently for them to calm down.

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5. Physically Fit

You have to be physically fit to be a tow truck driver, since there is a lot of physical work involved with hooking up vehicles, throwing a set of dollies, or even to use a winch to pull a car out from a ditch.

6. Licensed

Of course, every driver has to pass several tests, including physical, vision, drug testing, and background check, to get their license to drive depending on state requirements. However, good drivers usually do not stop there, they continue their education to reach higher goals and get more certifications.

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7. Have Knowledge and Experience

You cannot just expect to hitch up a car then get in a tow truck and drive off with it without knowing what you are doing. A good tow truck driver will have experience and enough knowledge to haul vehicles safely with expertise.

Fast Melbourne towing knows what it takes to be a good tow truck driver and only hires the best. You can always count on the drivers at Melbourne to ensure every vehicle is hooked up properly and delivered safely to your standards.

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