Towing in Melbourne – Our Response to COVID-19

The coronavirus, COVID-19, has changed the way our company operates. Fast Melbourne Towing recognises the devastating impact of the pandemic, not just in Australia but the rest of the world.

Although we see positive news about the country and its fight against this virus, we still want to maintain appropriate safety measures, mainly in our workplace.

We are fully aware that our tow truck services remain essentials to everyone, including our existing customers, motorists, and trucking businesses. Although our operations are affected, we remain vigilant in protecting our employees and customers.

Fast Melbourne Towing follows guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Australian government, and the Australian National Centre for Disease Control (CDC). While these agencies do not have specific advice to the towing industry, our company has been implementing their recommendations since day one.

We apply the best practices from the mentioned organisations to ensure being proactive in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Our Priorities

  1. Health and Safety of Employees

    The vaccine or treatment for the coronavirus is still unavailable as of this writing. However, we can all take part in flattening the curve by adhering to the rules and regulations imposed by the government.

    It is a well-known preventative measure to stay clean throughout the day. Washing hands, covering the mouth when sneezing, and avoiding touching the face are the best ways to combat the virus. We make sure that our employees are aware of these practices. They also wear proper protective equipment when at work. Surgical masks and gloves are donned when needed.

    To further do our part in helping the government and health agencies, we have implemented the following in our workplace:

    • Those who feel unwell should stay at home.
    • Any symptoms that appear like flue should immediately be checked by doctors.
    • Before a recovered person can return to our office, we require a document from the hospital or health professional. It should state that the employee is free from the virus.
    • All international and domestic travels have already been cancelled.
    • We all practice social distancing, where we make sure that everyone stays at least two metres apart from one another.Other people who may want to drop by our office should first schedule the meeting with us. Contact us and provide all the details, including why you wish to visit, your travel history, and whether or not you have flu symptoms. As much as possible, we would like to urge people to avoid interactions unless they are of great importance (or essential).All staff members and visitors who have travelled outside the country for the past 14 days will not be allowed to enter our premises. It is because the virus normally shows symptoms after this period. This practice is to help avoid spreading COVID-19 to our employees and customers.
  2. Our Customers

    It is our goal to give peace of mind to our customers. Even before the pandemic broke, we have performed continuous routine cleaning of our office, facilities, and vehicles. Our trucks, most notably, are thoroughly cleaned several times per day – usually after every use. We have made it our goal to disinfect the workplace efficiently, so our customers can get the assurance they need.

    Just like our employees, we ask our customers to disclose information about whether they were out of the country in the last 14 days. We also request that you tell us if you are sick or currently with flu-like symptoms while booking service. We appreciate everyone’s honesty. Your answers will be used to make suitable arrangements, particularly if your vehicle needs towing service.

Still At Your Service

While we may not readily provide services to our customers, we still work from home. This way, we can take calls and offer advice or related services. As soon as the government lifts the restrictions, you can count on our company to resume our operations right away.

We want everyone to be safe out there. Fast Melbourne Towing is prepared for this pandemic. Our drivers and other employees use proper PPE to help in controlling the risk of spreading the virus. Rest assured that you can get back on the road healthy when we are in contact with you.